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Grand Master Jack Hwang

Grandmaster Jack Hwang is President of the International Martial Arts Federation and is a 9th Dan in Taekwondo. Grandmaster Hwang was born in South Korea with the given name of Hwang Sae Jin, an honorable family name rich in Korean culture and history. Grandmaster Hwang is commonly known as "Jack Hwang", his given name of faith since moving to the United States in thelate 1950's to complete his bachelor's degree at Wisconsin State College. From 1961 through 1963 Grandmaster Hwang completed graduate studies at Sam Houston University in Texas. From 1965 through 1966, Grandmaster Hwang pursued graduate work in police science and studies at the Southwest Police Institute at the University of Oklahoma.

Grandmaster Hwang began his martial arts training in Korea at a very young age. His martial arts training is diverse, having achieved profiency in Kendo, Judo, Karate, Hapkido, and Taekwondo. He never lost a fight on the street or in the ring. Unlike most martial arts instructors who have no real experience in fighting and self-defense, Grandmaster Hwang lived fighting and defending others. Prior to moving to the United States to pursue his education, Grandmaster Hwang served as an instructor and military officer in the South Korean Army and fought for the freedom of his country along with the American soldiers during the heat of the Korean war in 1951. He was a guerrilla fighter and was sent behind enemy lines in North Korea to gather intelligence when the communist Chinese poured into North Korea to fight against the American and South Koreans during the war. During several of these missions some of the American soldiers who were lost or separated from their regiment were directed or led to safety by Grandmaster Hwang. Grandmaster Hwang has shared the fighting and self-defense techniques gained from years of difficult training and military experience with a broad range of civilians, various police departments, universities, and even a local military base.

Having been certified as an International Master Instructor by the World Taekwondo Federation since 1972, Grandmaster Hwang is a prominent figure in martial arts in the United States, as well as the rest of the world. He selected, formed, and directed the United States Taekwondo teams and their coaches for the First world Taekwondo Championship in South Korea, hosted a World Taekwondo Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and hosted the All American Open Taekwondo and Karate Championships in Oklahoma for 36 years. Grandmaster Hwang was honored by Oklahoma Governor, Frank Keating, for having devoted over 30 years of excellence in teaching Taekwondo to the citizens of the State of Oklahoma.

Grandmaster Hwang selected Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the focus of his martial arts institute because of its central location in the North American Continent. He has taught thousands of students locally in many of the states, as well as abroad, including Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands. Grandmaster Hwang is a life student of the martial arts and continues to learn and share his knowledge with his students.

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